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Post-Quarantine Gap of Expectations Between Employees and Companies

As quarantine restrictions are loosening, we’re finding that a prominent gap exists between employees and job seekers wanting to work remotely and companies wanting employees back in-office.

In an effort for employees to go back to work, large tech companies like Google and Salesforce are making modifications to their health and safety procedures by requiring masks and temperature checks. Other modifications include limiting capacity and implementing shifts by department.

While these modifications may secure peace of mind for employees working in closer proximity, what accommodations can be expected in order to address employees’ requests to work from home indefinitely or part-time?

For months employees have been accustomed to their work from home routine and may have supportive evidence that their productivity did not compromise or may have increased since quarantine.

Will companies allow more of their employees to work from home? If so, how will they evaluate who can and who cannot?

Not only has the quarantine shifted the preferences of the currently employed but it has also had a similar effect upon job seekers. Remote jobs are becoming more attractive and candidates are willing to compromise wages, benefits and other incentives for the right remote opportunity.



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