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I Have the Skills but Bomb my Interviews…HELP!

We hear this time and time again from candidates. They come across a job posting online that looks like it would be the perfect fit. They send in their resume, get a call back for an interview, head to the interview (usually heart is racing, breaking a sweat), then can’t seem to figure out what to say or even remember their last name.

Here are a few tokens of advice before your next interview. Relax, the person across the desk is just a person. Someone who once was in your shoes interviewing for the role they have today. Tip: You can break the ice by saying, “I am a little nervous because I am really excited about this opportunity”. Hiring managers love to hear how interested you are.

Next thing to remember is to talk about who you are, what projects you have worked on and what you have enjoyed doing over the past couple years. This will give you the opportunity to shine, smile and engage. Stay away from trying to memorize your resume. It will only make you more nervous. Go to the interview with notes, talking points and questions you are curious to know more about.

Hiring managers are looking for a good culture fit, someone who can express their accomplishments and add value to their team. Put aside the fear and go get that perfect job!


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